Friday, July 13, 2012

ColdFusion 10 on OS X Mountain Lion Server - Apache Config

Ok so this rattled my brain a little today as I was installing ColdFusion 10 on my new Mac Mini Server using the new OS X Mountain Lion Server (Registered developer - I have the Gold Master Release). Well, when I would try to configure the connector, apparently OS X Server does not use the default /etc/apache/httpd.config instead this is located in /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/ and the default file is not httpd.conf even though it is in there, instead it is httpd_server_app.conf.

So real simple add your reference to the mod_jk.conf to :
/Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/ httpd_server_app.conf

And then you are Golden - CF10 up and running!


Henry Gibson said...

Can you give a bit more detail about this? I'm in exactly the same situation, but have hardly any knowledge of Apache etc.

I run the CF installer, but you have to specify the Apache containing folder and when I specify the folder of course it can't find the "https.conf" file, as the file in question is named differently.

The installer won't proceed if it can't find the file, so am stuck a little. If you could possibly explain exactly how you setup this reference that would be great. Surely the CF installer still won't find the file though?

Giancarlo Gomez said...

Hello Henry,

On Lion Server the conf file is located at:


And on any regula Lion in stall it is located at:

/private/etc/apache2 or /etc/apache2 which is just a shortcut to the first one.

Hope that helps!

Henry Gibson said...
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Henry Gibson said...

Hi Giancarlo, thanks so much for getting back to me.

I understand about how the directory has changed - my problem is with the "httpd_server_app.conf" filename.

I can specify the correct directory "/Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2" to the installer, but inside of that directory it cannot find a file named "httpd.conf" (because the file is actually named "httpd_server_app.conf") so gives an error and will not install.

How did you get around that naming problem - you allude to some solution in your post, but I don't understand it or what I need to actually do to get CF10 installed.

Many thanks, Henry

Giancarlo Gomez said...

Oh sorry for not understanding your problem. I didn't rely on the installer completely, I simply added the include to the conf file the installer creates at the end of the conf file read by the web server.

so the file generated by the installer is called mod_jk.conf

and I added this line to the bottom of httpd_server_app.conf

Include "/Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/mod_jk.conf"

which is what the installer does the the regular httpd.conf file anyways

Henry Gibson said...

ah ok, that makes sense.

so how did you get the installer to run? when i point it at the server app conf directory it doesn't find the file and doesn't go any further - gives me an error message.

did you run the installer but just setup the local server or something, and then somehow fix your server app webserver to work?

thanks for your help, sorry to bother you - it's driving me crazy

Giancarlo Gomez said...

Do you have the web server running?

Henry Gibson said...

yes, i have the server app all running fine - shows me the welcome page when i go to localhost etc.

when i run the cf installer it gets to the page where i have to configure the web servers, and in the first box I enter the directory for the httpd_server_app.conf - but then it gives an error message saying "cannot find httpd.conf" - because of course the file is named differently, so it can't find it.

that is where i'm stuck. i can't get past that point - so i wondered how you managed it?

did you just setup the apache connector to the original webserver install that comes as part of osx? and then copy the mod jk file over and add the reference to the server app conf?

Giancarlo Gomez said...

SO make it simple for yourself. Create the http.conf file from a copy of the httpd_server_conf and when the installer is done copy the last line which is what I mentioned before.

Henry Gibson said...


That works great. Thank you so much... Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Thanks, Henry

Giancarlo Gomez said...

No problem glad I could help.

Andrew Hargreaves said...

Giancarlo -- thanks so much for posting your comments on this. I wasted a few hours trying to restore my sites until I found your post.

Vic said...

Hi Giancarlo

I have a new mac mini I'm working on and I have done everything you have explained but when CF10 is on it's final install screen it says the webserver is not running. go to which come up with a page cannot be found. comes up fine with the Mac server page so that server is running. Any ideas. I'm at a loss.


Giancarlo Gomez said...


Please check your apache config and make sure the cf10 config was added. The previous posts explain this as well.